ZooPlankton Plus Flake

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ZooPlankton Plus Flake is packed with Pacific Krill and Northern Arctic Copepods and give this flake its color.  Water stable.  Cool processing maintains many nutrients that are lost to other processing methods.  This high nutrient flake is a great choice for those wanting to offer nutrient packed, high quality products.

Ingredients: Fish hydrolysate, fresh-frozen zooplankton, yeast, soy, egg, casein, gluten, fresh-frozen pacific krill, fresh-frozen northern arctic copepods, spirulina, phospholipids, marine fish oil, Paracoccus, vitamin and mineral premix with added vitamin C

No artificial colors or preservatives.

Analysis: Crude Protein 50% min; Crude Fat, 10.5% min; Crude Fiber, 1.8% max; Ash, 6.63%; Moisture, 8.86%; Vitamin C, 2,000 ppm; Astaxanthin, 400 ppm from natural sources