Seafood Delight Flake

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Seafood Delight Flake is a blend of multiple shrimp and plankton sources. This blend makes a great staple food for the community tank or those preferring a higher protein flake. Great choice for African and other cichlids, betta, guppy, aquatic frogs and other species with an affinity for meaty foods.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein, 46%
Fat/Lipids, 11%
Ash, 7%
Vitamin C, 1000 ppm
Moisture, 6%
Astaxanthin, 275 ppm
Fish protein hydrolisate, yeast protein, egg, soy, zooplankton, plankton, mysis shrimp, decapsulated artemia, wheat gluten, milk protein, casein, garlic, spirulina, rice gluten, kelp, phospholipids, astaxanthin (Naturose, Carophyll and other natural sources), lecithin, fish oil, HUFA oil, Vitamin C, vitamin and mineral mix, ascorbic acid, choline, niacin, riboflavin, D-Pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, folic acid, menadione, biotin, cobalamin, mixed carotenoids, cholecalciferol and mixed tocopherols