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Probiotic ZooPlankton Flake

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Probiotic ZooPlankton Flake is a flake food often used to entice both wild and domestic species in the aquarium.  Pacific Krill and North Arctic Copepods provide an enticing flavor that attract fish.  Water stable flakes are processed under low heat to retain nutrients that are otherwise lost in the cooking and drying process.
Ingredients: Fish hydrolysate, fresh frozen zooplankton, yeast, soy, egg, casein, gluten, fresh frozen Pacific Krill, fresh frozen Arctic Copepods, spirulina, phospholipids, marine fish oil, Paracoccus, stabilized Vitamin C, vitamin and mineral premix
No artificial colors or preservatives.  Contains live beneficial bacteria.  Minimal fines.
Analysis: Crude Protein 50% minimum; Crude Fat 10.5% min; Crude Fiber 1.8% max; Ash, 6.6%; Moisture, 8.86%; Fiber, 1.80%; Vitamin C 2,000 ppm; Astaxanthin 400 ppm