Nightcrawler Flake Plus

Probiotic Nightcrawler Plus Flake

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Packed full of nutrients while relying on a favorite food for most fish, nightcrawlers. Omnivore and carnivore species go crazy over this stuff. Even caught my dogs trying to get a hold of it!
This flake has been reformulated to now include live beneficial bacteria, making it a high quality flake with probiotics!
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 50%, Crude Lipid 12%, Ash 4.5% (from the dehydration process of the nightcrawlers), Crude Fiber 1.5%, Moisture 13%
Ingredients: Yeast and yeast extracts, soy, egg, wheat gluten, nightcrawler (dry weight), casein, krill meal, rockweed, spirulina, paracoccus, insect meal, lecithin, carophyll, vitamin and mineral premix, stabilized Vitamin C and beneficial bacteria