Mysis Flake with SELCO

Probiotic Mysis with Selco Flake

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Probiotic Mysis with Selco is loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Plus, by using a low temperature processing, the end product now contains active, beneficial bacteria to help with digestion.
Mysis shrimp, marine fish protein, torula yeast, brewers yeast, soy protein, egg, wheat gluten, casein, krill, spirulina, garlic, lecithin, high HUFA algae, paracoccus, vitamin and mineral premix plus added choline, vitamin C, carophyll and active beneficial bacteria
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 50%, Crude Lipid 12%, Ash 5%, Crude Fiber 2%, Moisture 11%, Astaxanthin 400 ppm, Stabilized Vitamin C 1,000 ppm