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Probiotic Garlic Flake

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Probiotic Garlic Flake can be used in a mix for a staple food or periodically as a prophylactic feed to maintain overall health.  Fresh garlic is well known for its anti-microbial, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties.  And, recent studies have shown fresh garlic to even contain anti-viral properties.
This flake has been reformulated to now include live beneficial bacteria, making it a high quality flake with probiotics!
Crude Protein 55%,  Crude Lipids 8%, Ash 5.5%, Crude Fiber 2%, Moisture 9.5%
Marine fish hydrolysate, soy, yeast and yeast extracts, egg, wheat gluten, casein, garlic, frozen mysis, spirulina, rockweed, lecithin, paracoccus sp. bacteria, marine fish oil, vitamin and mineral premix, carophyll, stabilized Vitamin C and beneficial bacteria