Organic Mini Granules
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Organic Granules

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Organic Granules are formulated for use in aquaponic systems and is a highly nutritious food with organic marine and vegetable ingredients.  Only 5 ingredients go into this product!  Used by fish breeders as it is highly stable in water and doesn't pollute fry tanks.
  • Organic Micro Granules range 500 to 750 microns
  • Organic Mini Granules range 800 - 1,100 microns
Ingredients:  Ground freeze dried marine fish, ground dehydrated organic vegetable mix, organic fish oil, soy lecithin, organic fish gelatin
Analysis: Crude Protein 60%; Crude Fat 15%; Crude Ash 14%; Moisture 8%; Crude Fiber 2%; Total Phosphorus 2.3%; Total Calcium 2.2%; Total Sodium 0.5%