Guppy Color Flake

Guppy Color Flake

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Guppy Color Flake is packed full of carotenes to enhance the coloration of Guppies and Endlers. Provides a balanced diet to use as a staple food. Flakes also are balanced with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals for growth and overall health. A great choice!

Ingredients: Fish protein hydrolysate, yeast protein, soy protein, egg, gluten, artemia, plankton, casein, Mysis Shrimp, krill, spirulina, wheat gluten, kelp, fish oil, milk protein, Astaxanthin, lecitin, Vitamin C, mineral and vitamin premix.


Protein 47%
Lipids 11%
Ash 6%
Moisture 6%
Vitamin C 1,000 ppm
Astaxanthin 600 ppm plus natural carotenes

Contains no artificial coloring or chemical preservatives. MADE IN SMALL BATCHES TO ENSURE FRESHNESS!