Grand Champion Discus Pellet

Grand Champion Discus & Angelfish Granules

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Grand Champion now available in a variety of sizes, from fry grains up to large granules.  This food line is used by many world-renown discus breeders.  And is becoming popular with angelfish breeders as well.  This high quality food was developed with breeder input to produce a high nutrition granule that could meet the demands of discus fish for overall health and growth.  And it isn't just for discus!  These granules can be used as a staple food for for discus, angelfish and other cichlids with a need for a high protein diet.
Granule Options:
  • Fry Starter is a powdered food which helps to get fry off to a great start
  • Small Granules good for dime discus or up to quarter sized angels as well as for small rams and other small cichlids
  • Small Red Granules have added astaxanthin to highlight red and orange colors in all species
  • Medium Granules is a great growout food for discus over 2 inches or angels over quarter sized as well as adult rams and other smaller cichlids
  • Large Granules are perfect for adult discus and angels as well as many other medium sized cichlids
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 50% min
Crude Fat 10% min
Crude Fiber 3% max
Crude Ash 17% max
Moisture 6.5% max
Calcium 2% min
Phosphorus 15% min
Fish meal, krill meal, squid meal, wheat flour, potato starch, fish oil, calcium phosphate, soy lecithin, betaine, paracoccus powder, calcium carbonate, brewer's yeast and licorice plant extract
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