Anti-Parasite Quad Powder

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Anti-Parasite Quad powder is a blend of levamisole, praziquantel, epsom salt and garlic.  Treats a wide range of parasites.


Dosing via water column:  Dose 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons after a 25% water change on Day 1.  Repeat on Day 3 and 5.  May be continued for a total of 5 doses max.  Then, do a 75-100% water change.  May be repeated in 3 weeks if dealing with resistant parasites.

Dosing via food:  Mix 2 teaspoons per pound of fish food.  Offer as the only food source for 10-14 days.  Will need to plan on doing deep gravel vacs every 2-3 days in order to lift out any parasites as well as their eggs prior to hatching.  Repeat in 3 weeks as needed.